Concrete Grinding

Concrete GrindingIf you need to prepare a concrete surface for polishing, or for rejuvenating it to enable new sealers to be applied, requires the concrete to be ground. This will provide a smooth surface and expose the aggregates and materials used in the concrete

This process can be used to remove old sealers and coatings. Using a specialised grinding machine and the correct grinding disks and pads will provide the required surface for subsequent finishes.

Concrete Polishing

An excellent option throughout houses, businesses and factories and can be adapted to suit any interior.  This finish can be applied to purpose laid concrete or to all types of existing floors even when damaged.

In some instances just the plain grey concrete polished up can be a beautiful option without enhancing in any way except to level and polish.  This look gives the floor the 'industrial feel'.  Adding earthy colors to the concrete if purpose laying can give the floor a warm feeling.  You can even add glass, ceramic, bolts, marbles (practically anything you can think of) to the concrete when it is being laid and these will then be exposed in the griding process to give the floor or benchtop character.

Concrete Sealing

Sealers protect the concrete and can clear or tinted. The choice can be dependent on the type of usage that will be experienced by the surface such as food preparation areas or general traffic.

There is a wide choice of sealers from expoxy, polyurethane and non toxic coatings.