Step 1 - Grinding

Grinding the concrete to expose aggregate (if desired) is the first step to the process. Once the required exposure is achieved we then follow with a different grit level to remove scratches left behind from the initial grind and then we start the polishing process.

We have a multitude of equipment to suit all types of jobs and all our equipment has high capacity vacuums to allow the work to be relatively dust free.

Application of hardners are carried out at this stage and also patching, filling and grouting if necessary.

Step 2 - Polishing

Polishing concrete requires a series of polishing steps using different level grit diamonds. Each level increases the shine to the concrete.
There are other options such as not proceeding to all levels of grit diamonds which will reduce how shiny the surface is for those that do not want as much shine.

Step 3 - Sealing

Our polished concrete is sealed with two coats of a penetrating sealer which is micro mopped onto the floor, left to dry and then followed up with a high speed burnishing.
Polished concrete is able to be walked on after this stage.
There is also the option of a grind and seal which involves grinding to level and expose stone (if required) and then a sealer is applied. This choice still looks great but does involve a 2-5 year period before perhaps another coat of sealer is required (depending on traffic on that area).
With grind and seal a period of 48-72 hours needs to be allowed for the drying process.